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VIA Digital/sweetFrog Featured In Facebook Case Study

on September 22, 2012

VIA Digital has been testing Facebook Offers BETA in early spring with client sweetFrog Frozen Yogurt. Many stores were receiving 1,000 to 10,000 in claimed offers and that caught the eye of Facebook engineers. Facebook launched Facebook Offers as a paid service yesterday and we like to think that we helped shape the product. Facebook also released this case study summarizing some of our success with Facebook Offers.

Download PDF Case Study


Sweet Frog, a frozen yogurt store with multiple locations in the U.S., worked with
agency VIA Digital Media to help increase foot traffic and sales.

VIA Digital Media’s Approach
• Created an Offer that said “$4 all you can fit in a 12 oz. cup!”
• Held contests in which people could win free frozen yogurt in two different ways:
• Posted on its Page, encouraging fans to like the status for a chance to be randomly
chosen as a winner
• Created ads in Marketplace that linked to a custom tab that included a box for
users to enter their mobile phone numbers so that Sweet Frog could text winners

• 9,200+ people claimed the Offer, and 144 people redeemed it in the store
• 3,747 people entered the contest on their mobile phone, and 382 redeemed the Offer on
their phone in just one weekend
• 500 new likes generated through the Offer

“We like Facebook Offers because it syncs with
our existing SMS texting programs and tracks
the conversion of a customer coming in and
redeeming the offer at the store. We had 9,289
people claim one of our Offers last month.”
Micah Gaudio, Social Media & Mobile Strategist,
VIA Digital Media


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